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"It was in the interests of the US that the Artsakh issue be closed as Aliyev wanted." Davit Stepanyan (VIDEO)

Radar Interview

18 November, 20:00

The guest on Radar Armenia's "Radar Chat" program is political analyst Davit Stepanyan. He referred to Armenian-Azerbaijani relations, talked about Azerbaijan's avoidance of Western platforms, statements from the USA and the EU, and the possibility of signing a peace treaty soon.

According to him, Aliyev exhibits insane behavior and has lost his sense of reality. "The US warns Baku that it has no right to attack. The USA is the only country in the world that can stop a war with a phone call.

The Soviet army in the 21st century cannot protect Armenia. We will lose the game if Armenia confirms its participation in the Moscow negotiations.

Everything must be done so that the West does not allow Azerbaijan to attack Armenia.

Russia has "caught" Armenia. Russia is not an ally.

It is possible to sign a peace treaty if Aliyev reciprocates. Aliyev is going against international law and major players."

Details in the video

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