The people should make a final assessment of the state-destructive goals of that structure. Torosyan

Arsen Torosyan, deputy of the "KP" faction of the National Assembly, wrote on his "Facebook" page.

"All at once, a very heavy fate has befallen our people. In addition to breaking more than 100 years of myths and stereotypes in order to navigate this stormy sea, he also had to finally and fundamentally break a 1700-year-old myth, although he partially did this by establishing a state.

But since the church reveals its actual goals, that is, to sacrifice RA statehood for its internal and external group interests and play with the faith and feelings of its followers by splurging on false promises, the people must make a final assessment of that structure and its state-destructive goals.

The church's direct contribution to the destruction of Armenian statehood, which has been repeated many times during its 1700-year history, will be exhausted. The Republic of Armenia will not fall."