Radar Interview

"The bishop has ambitions; we have seen the consequences of Kocharyan's "minor" violation." Sakunts (VIDEO)

The guest of Radar Armenia's "Radar Talk" program is human rights activist Artur Sakunts, the chairman of the Vanadzor office of the Helsinki Civil Assembly.

He referred to the processes taking place in Armenia's internal political life, the movement led by Archbishop Bagrat, the forces that joined it, the opposition's readiness to start the impeachment process, and the Russian factor.

According to Artur Sakunts, this movement heralded the end of the post-Soviet political system.

"An attempt was made to rematch through the movement organized by a high-ranking clergyman. This initiative is supported by forces under the influence of the Kremlin.

Having thrown away the apparatus of oppression and overcome fear, the public should not be considered unconscious.

Bagrat Srbazan is ambitious about becoming prime minister, but he cannot. We allowed it once. Robert Kocharyan's allegedly "minor" violation had its consequences.

This movement, in its diversity, will have little success. This is an anti-democratic, anti-sovereign step."

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