Let the reverend himself tell how the head of the diocese of Canada was not re-elected. which is a very rare occurrence

Arman Babajanyan, chairman of the "For the Republic" party, wrote on his Facebook page.

"I will not respond to the statements made today in a style inappropriate for a high-ranking churchman. Not following the example of the falsehoods published by the blasphemous media supporting the movement led by Reverend Bagrat, I will not publish in translation the articles in English about the enormous financial machinations attributed to the reverend, even if only in the diocese of Canada, because they are not verified, and I at least do not believe in them. If he deems it necessary, let the reverend himself tell how it turned out that he was not re-elected to the position of the leader of the diocese of Canada, I think, in 2014, which is a very rare occurrence for a young bishop.

I received a different education at the seminary. At the Gevorgyan Seminary, then at the Vazgenyan School, I received a different education from the Patriarchs Vazgen, Garegin A and Garegin B. I learned completely different lessons about the motherland, the church, the state, and even more so about love, solidarity and tolerance. Lying, forgery was unacceptable in our time. I hope now too.

As the first chairman of the Youth Union of the Armenian Church in Armenia, the editor-in-chief of the "Hayordi" periodical, as a young man living the life of an active devotee of the Armenian Church, let the Reverend inquire about my past from the clergy of my seminary course, some of whom are diocesan leaders today. But let him listen even more to His Holiness Patriarch Garegin II, whose student I was when he was the vicar of the Ararat Diocese and the almost daily breadwinner of our house, personally of my father. His Holiness will probably tell about the topics, problems and requests discussed during our regular meetings as a member of the National Assembly until 2020.

I did not buy the media that the reverend mentioned from anyone, I created that media with my friends, one of whom works in a media that supports the reverend, the other is a high-ranking government official. The bishop should know that not everything in this country is bought and sold like the officials hiding behind his palace. I was taught in the seminary and in the church environment to stay away from lies, adventure and gossip. I believe that the reverend learned the same lessons, received the same upbringing, took the same oath"...