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Time to fly away from politics


21 October 2023, 20:30

The "National Committee," which submitted a proposal to lead the opposition field, not yet created, quickly disappeared from the scene.

After the events plaguing Nagorno-Karabakh, they held several rallies, closed streets, and staged civil disobedience demonstrations. But that was the end of it.

No political word was heard from the stage, and there needed to be a clear plan for future action. It was an impression that the rallies held for several days were to let off steam after the shock of the Karabakh events, nothing else.

Then, of course, the members of the "National Committee," headed by Vazgen Manukyan, organized a meeting, discussed the following steps, and even talked about the reorganization of the committee and the definition of the new format of the opposition movement. But, judging by the reactions of social and political circles, or rather, their absence, their steps are no longer attractive. Political scientists and social scientists will talk about the reasons.

But before that, perhaps, the statements of Vazgen Manukyan, who applied to head the "National Committee," were interesting. Although they were not widely publicized, they deserve attention due to their danger. Therefore, such proposals and their authors should be firmly rejected.

"Problem 1: return the Artsakh Armenians to Artsakh, where the international force mandated by the United Nations should protect the population. Restore the work of the Minsk Group to determine the status of Artsakh. Until then, Artsakh will not obey the laws of Azerbaijan but will live an independent life. We will do everything to achieve it," said Vazgen Manukyan.

It is perhaps to be expected that the pioneer of the "Global Nation" ideology would voice such thoughts. But, considering the actual realities, how does Manukyan imagine the return of residents to Nagorno-Karabakh, moreover not obeying the laws of Azerbaijan? I agree such a prospect is more than unrealistic, and if by some miracle there is an opportunity for the return of Artsakh Armenians, disobeying Azerbaijani laws is fraught with their physical destruction or, at least, the dangerous prospect of repression.

But the next problem posed by Vazgen Manukyan is ten times more dangerous and monstrous.

"It is necessary to create a pan-Armenian front... It should be dealt with immediately.

If war starts, do we have allies? No, we don't, we have potential allies…

Along with creating a front, the Armenian people must declare they are ready to fight for their homeland. To fight to the end, not to constantly avoid talking about war... As soon as we show our will, our determination, we will have many allies."

Please pay attention to his statement. On the one hand, Manukyan admits that in the event of a war with Azerbaijan, Armenia has no allies, but, despite this circumstance, it must fight "fight to the end."

We do not address his claims about potential allies, if only because the 44-day war also proved it. Despite the army's and volunteers' struggle, the "potential allies" never appeared, there was no severe support from any country, and the international community was satisfied with only empty appeals, concerns, and condemnations. And so, what kind of mentality should a person be who, realizing all these realities, calls the public to go "to the mouth of death simply" in such conditions? I agree; it is inhumane. Pretending to be a hero at the expense of other people's lives has been shared among Armenians. Still, it is not worthy of a politician, especially when the latter held the position of Prime Minister (more precisely, Chairman of the Council of Ministers).

Life has shown that for Vazgen Manukyan, people are "cannon fodder" who can be sacrificed for their narrow interests. Don't you believe? Remember the events of September 1996, how it provoked a conflict, thus inflicting such a painful blow on the country, from which the state has not recovered until now.

And does it make sense to address the other flashes of his thought: "There should be a national, military-patriotic current in Armenia and the Diaspora," which sounds good as a toast, but that's all.

But Vazgen Manukyan does not say all this as a toast. He is trying to lead the people on an adventure again.

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