Radar Interview

"Does Garegin the Second have that luck?" Edward Antinyan (VIDEO)

Political scientist Edward Antinyan is the guest of Radar Armenia's "Radar Conversation" program.

He referred to the situation in Armenia's internal political field, talked about Father Bagrat Galstanyan's demand for Nikol Pashinyan's resignation, actions, the process of starting impeachment, church-society relations, and summarized Nikol Pashinyan's visit to Moscow.

According to Edward Antinyan, it is not a good way to say that Pashinyan should go to whoever wants to come. "The impeachment is condemned from the beginning, and Bagrat Srbazan does not know the political situation. His Holiness Bagrat's political biography will be shorter than the six days he walked. You will not beat Nikol Pashinyan with his game. It is suicide for Bagrat Srbazan to discuss Robert Kocharyan's candidacy."

The political scientist does not think Garegin II will fulfill Russia's assignment more indifferently than Kirill. "Does Garegin II have the guts not to do what Russia says?"

Speaking again about Bagrat Srbazan's statements, Edward Antinyan asked: Does a servant of God consider his boss as his father? "How can a person saying "Our Father" say "Our Father" referring to the Catholicos? Bagrat Shrabzan, like Gikor, needs help figuring out what to do. Nikol Pashinyan brought his share to God, the Catholicos and himself. You want to elect a person who doesn't even know whether or not NATO is different from the CSTO, the EU from the Council of Europe."


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