They decided to create legitimate grounds for Azerbaijan's attack on Armenia

Arman Babajanyan, chairman of the "For the Republic" party, wrote on his Facebook page.

"Unable to accumulate the internal reserves necessary for a power seizure, they decided to create legitimate grounds for Azerbaijan's attack on Armenia.

It confirmed what I warned about: the leaders of the Kocharian-friendly Russian agency network, "diplomats" and political circles, as well as the leader of the movement, the holy father himself, aimed to disrupt the signing of the protocol of the demarcation process by the deputy prime ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan on May 15. , which should then be sent to the National Assembly for ratification.

If by any means the "sacred" movement succeeds in achieving its declared goal, then let's be sure that Azerbaijan gets a legitimate right to attack Armenia from any part of the border at the instigation of Russia. Azerbaijan will justify its actions based on Armenia's unilateral refusal to demarcate borders based on the Alma-Ata declaration, which received broad international support.

There is no doubt that this gang, which does not discriminate in any way, has decided to achieve the crushing of the statehood of Armenia from within. I hope that the church and His Holiness the patriarch understand their responsibility before the state and the people, and they will take the necessary steps to suffocate this nation-destructive goal in the cradle."