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Why are Artsakh MPs concerned? "Hraparak"


22 September, 9:13

"Hraparak" newspaper writes: "The heads of Artsakh NA factions met yesterday with the commander of the Russian peacekeeping troops, Andrey Volkov, during which "a reference was made to some of the public's problems related to the new route of the Lachin Corridor," and "the commander assured that the security of the corridor is entirely under the responsibility of the Russians. Under the peacekeepers' supervision, along with the completion of the current construction works, the existing problems will disappear."

What issues are we talking about? It turns out that the people of Artsakh are concerned about the fact that cars with Azerbaijani license plates regularly appear on the new road. The commander informed that they are transporting cargo from checkpoints under Azerbaijani control at their request, and soon the problem will disappear. The MPs were also interested in the work of the CSTO operative group, which was sent to Armenia after September 13 to monitor who was the first attacker.

Volkov said he is not aware of the group's activities.