"Find another place to play patriotism and make money." Tatul Hakobyan

Journalist Tatul Hakobyan writes on his Facebook page:

"On this day in 2016, Azerbaijan started a mini-war and achieved particular successes at the cost of heavy casualties. The Armenian side also suffered painful losses and dear victims.

Not underestimating the self-sacrifice of the Armenian Army, we should also understand that Russia stopped the war so that Armenia would probably agree to Lavrov's plan.

After April 2016, Serzh Sargsyan urged us to agree to hand over seven regions; we did not agree but later admitted the Chairman of the National Assembly of Artsakh.

He said: Instead of Kars-Kars, we will sing Shushi-Shushi and Stepanakert-Stepanakert if we do not make concessions and compromises.

Serge would later tell the BBC that he was ready to wear the label of a traitor, but he would bring a solution to Nagorno Karabakh.

All this has no political value because they are confessions and excuses about criminal inaction after the defeat.

The root led to the criminal coup of 1997-1998, whose conspirators and implementers we know name by name, who will stand under the wall of responsibility in Armenian history.

The culprits and those responsible for the defeat of 2020 will also stand.

Today, Armenia is facing new dangers.

Sobriety and wisdom instead of immorality entering the money industry at the expense of the recent tragedy of the people of Artsakh.

Those who said that there is no issue with Artsakh and that the problem with Artsakh has been resolved are the ones who took the bait of that immorality.

Find another place to play patriotism and make money, especially when the future of Armenia is at stake, as once the future of Artsakh was at stake, but you considered the issue resolved."