Did Azerbaijan wait four days for Shahramanyan's decree?

Vahram Atanesyan, a former member of the Central Committee of Armenia and the Artsakh National Assembly, wrote on his Facebook page.

"In an interview with La Figaroe, Samvel Shahramanian says that Baku received a letter demanding the relinquishment of rights, sovereignty, and symbols. Since this had to be voted on in the National Assembly, he found it expedient to dissolve the NKR by decree, as he knew it was illegal and unconstitutional.

It turns out that he was afraid that the National Assembly would not vote for that paper. But wasn't he elected president by that National Assembly, he accountable to him? Second, did Azerbaijan need to understand that little trick? Thirdly, the emigration from Artsakh began on September 24; Shahramanyan signed the decree on the dissolution of the NKR, according to the official report, on September 28.

Did Azerbaijan wait for Shahramanyan's decree for four days, or was it signed together with the declaration of cessation of hostilities? If one thing is said, the other cannot be "forgotten." There is no single event; everything is a separate link in the same chain."