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You can see the movement of public transport using the "Yandex" map


13 September, 20:27

Residents of Yerevan can now see how public transport moves in real-time using the "Yandex" map. Yerevan Municipality informs about this.

The following 7 routes have the necessary equipment: N2, N25, N32, N34, N37, N61 and N77. It is required to open the "Yandex" map with the mobile application to see where the bus of the necessary route is located at that moment; by clicking on the "stops" sign, you can also find out how many minutes the vehicle will arrive at your stop.

Information is updated every 30 seconds. In the next 2 months, more than 500 buses and trolleybuses of different capacities on 50 routes will be equipped with the necessary technical means. Along with the digitization of the system, Yerevan buses will also have free Wi-Fi coverage with Internet access, yerevanmunicipality.

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