25 minutes about Yerevan

In addition to the "Golden Apricot," Yerevan Municipality intends to finance the short film festival this year (VIDEO)

The program guest "25 minutes about Yerevan" at the Radar Armenia booth is Tatev Hovakimyan, a theater and film actress, a candidate for a member of the Council of Elders in the Yerevan Municipality Council elections.

During the program, the speaker reflected on the cultural problems in the city and his ideas on how to solve them.

"I think that cultural education should be started early, making children participate in interesting activities from kindergarten age. Many parents do not have enough financial means to take their children to the theater or other cultural centers, free events should be organized for them. Now a number of parks are being built, performances can be staged and shown right there. This will help the children to learn to visit theater, ballet and other centers in the future," he said.