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Yerevan is moving to the stage of building community shelters for animals (VIDEO)

25 minutes about Yerevan

20 August 2023, 21:00

The guest of the "25 Minutes About Yerevan" program at the Radar Armenia booth is Harutyun Arakelyan, acting director of the "Animal Care Center at ANAC.

During the program, reference was made to the works done and to be done by the community institution, the creation of shelters and the existing conditions, the lack of laws necessary for the protection of animals, and the process of their adoption.

In particular, referring to the works carried out in the marzes, Arakelyan noted:

"Being a community structure, we carry out sterilization works also in neighboring settlements, according to the appropriate procedure. We give preference to the neighboring settlements of Yerevan, because the works carried out there are also a way to solve the problem in Yerevan; the borders touch each other, and the animals of the Ararat region and the animals of Yerevan may not differ. The practice of bringing animals from regions still exists, it is not possible to control it; the source of food is also abundant, and the animals themselves come to the capital. We are trying to carry out work with the aim of informing the entire territory of Armenia that this is the best way to solve the problem, not slaughter."

Details in the video.

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