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Is there any spirit in Kond today to keep the old and create the new (VIDEO)

25 minutes about Yerevan

16 August 2023, 21:00

The interlocutor of the "25 Minutes About Yerevan" program at the Radar Armenia booth is Artak Zeynalyan, the former Minister of Justice and the mayoral candidate of the "Republic" party.

During the conversation, reference was made to the fates of buildings and districts with and without historical and cultural value.

In particular, referring to the Kond reconstruction project, the speaker noted.

"There are two problems here: public and private. The state is obliged to ensure the right to life of its citizens. Can we provide basic conditions, say, the presence of fire engines, in case of fires or threats to life in Kond, for example, earthquakes? We can't because a displacement problem has arisen due to irregular, unplanned construction. We need to solve this problem, but without increasing the density of buildings."

Details in the video.

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