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"25 minutes about Yerevan;" Vazgen Harutyunyan (VIDEO)

25 minutes about Yerevan

30 July 2023, 21:00

The second interlocutor of the "25 Minutes About Yerevan" program at the Radar Armenia booth is Vazgen Harutyunyan, acting head of the transport department of the Yerevan Municipality. We address the critical changes in the transport reform, the expected new batches of trolleybuses and Chinese buses, the problem of making transport accessible to some city suburbs, and several other vital issues.

In particular, has the dedicated bus lane on Gai Avenue changed something for the positive, and, especially in the context of the flows expected in September, how will the problem of traffic jams be solved? "The dedicated bus lane has a positive impact only on public transport. Our problem was exactly that because there are 26 public transports on this avenue. If on average two people are late for work in passenger cars, then 90 or 80 passengers are late in MAN buses, and, of course, the advantage should be given to the majority."

Harutyunyan also emphasized that the civilized world is following this path, an inevitable reform.

Details in the video.


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