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"25 minutes about Yerevan." Levon Zakaryan (VIDEO)

25 minutes about Yerevan

10 August 2023, 21:00

The interlocutor of the "25 Minutes About Yerevan" program at the Radar Armenia booth is Levon Zakaryan, a Council of Elders member of the Yerevan "My Step" faction.

During the program, reference was made to Yerevan's street trade, street music, night noise, and yard improvements.

Zakaryan referred to the law adopted by the National Assembly in March 2023, according to which street trade should be limited in Yerevan. The speaker replied to the observation that the decision did not bring the problem closer to a solution in any way.

- This law isn't about restriction; it simply allows confiscating the goods of people engaged in illegal trade that are being sold at that moment. The law is working on Northern Avenue and Republic Square. It's not enough, but it makes quite a difference. It is essential to consider that these people are solving a problem of daily living. Not all of them, but many, especially older people, make this trade due to their poor social status, and we should bring these people to the market in addition to fining and confiscating the goods.

Details in the video.

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