Yerevan Elections - 2023

Yerevan should also add the "green capital" title to the definition of "pink stone city." European Party of Armenia

The "European Party of Armenia," participating in the elections of the Yerevan Council of Elders, has published its plan to develop the capital.

"1. Yerevan will become a perfect capital meeting European civilized standards: people-centered, comfortable, green, clean, and safe.

2. The development of Yerevan is subject to the Master Plan, a clear political and urban planning plan, which must be open and accessible to the public, in which any change is possible only as a result of high-level professional justification, which in turn must be approved by the citizens. All critical decisions regarding Yerevan should be put to a municipal referendum. The citizen will become the owner and responsible of the city.

3. The position of the chief architect of Yerevan will be restored, and an aesthetic council with special powers will be created next to it to control projects, construction, landscaping, advertisements, renovations, exterior appearance of buildings, names, and other changes.

4. First, an inventory of the immovable and movable property of the city economy will be made, ensuring the public's transparency, reporting, and control of this process. As a result, the revealed illegalities and abuses, the consequences of illegal privatization and unscrupulous appropriation will be eliminated, and the property will be nationalized by judicial order based on the principle of public interest and social justice.

5. Air and water quality, noise and dust level, and transport congestion measuring devices will be widely installed in Yerevan, which, being united in a standard system, will serve the urgent problem of meeting the vital needs of the population and responding quickly. In addition to the natural right to clean air, water, and food, citizens also have the right to "silence," that is, a peaceful and quiet environment, without which the idea of a safe and prosperous lifestyle is incomplete. For this purpose, the "smart city" complex program will be implemented in Yerevan, with a system of applying artificial intelligence; the primary function will be solving the challenges mentioned in point 5 and others. The city authorities' entire activity, primarily using electronic devices and cameras, will change from the principle of "monitor and punish" to "see to help."

6. Yerevan's transport problem will be solved comprehensively based on mass electrification of public transport. Particular importance and quick implementation will be given to the construction of underground metro lines and stations. The main directions will be the lines to be built through the gorge of the Hrazdan River between the Davtashen, Kyivan, and Haghtanak bridges, with the creation of appropriate junctions in the mentioned areas and providing prospective development to Garegin Nzhdehi Square, Zvartnots Airport, and in the other direction through the underground metro leading to Kanaker, Zeytun and Nor Nork massifs. That project costs ten times cheaper and can be done several times faster than a traditional underground subway. The project's financing will be carried out with extra-budgetary funds, creating an open joint-stock company, including investing citizens' deposits in profitable government bonds.

7. All traffic in the capital will be managed by one complex system using artificial intelligence, ensuring maximum efficiency, transparency, and comfort. Information counters for the arrival of vehicles will be installed at all stops. As many public places in the capital as possible, pedestrian lanes and bicycle paths will be opened free from car traffic.

8. The entrances and exits of all public transportation, underground passages, residential buildings, state institutions, banks, trade and food, entertainment, and general use places and facilities must be equipped with ramps or devices to exit disabled wheelchairs and baby carriages. In their absence, the municipality will not allow the operation and operation of institutions and buildings.

9. The garbage collection process will be reformed according to European standards, based on which a garbage processing plant will be built, connected to the city's energy system. "Clean house, clean city, clean Motherland" should be included in family, school, and national and civic education. Cleanliness and safety will become the main defining qualities of the Armenian capital. All the street lighting will gradually be switched to solar panels, the production of which will be organized in our country in a state-of-the-art way.

10. Large-scale construction in the center of the capital will be prohibited. Instead, a tax concession will be given to the construction of the (currently abandoned) factory district in the south of Yerevan as a "business city," its rehabilitation, and return to urban circulation, using the availability of transport infrastructure.

11. The city government will support the restoration of Yerevan's reputation as a city of art by encouraging the rehearsals and performances of small classical music ensembles in various locations, by sponsoring and partially financing the versions of students of conservatories and music schools and individual performers, artists and theater groups, traveling circuses and other artists and exhibitions.

12. The greening of Yerevan will be the primary goal of the city authorities. Preference will be given to local species of tree plants providing shade and oxygen, and the central and almost exclusive place among flowers will be given to roses. Yerevan should also add the "green capital" title to define "city of pink stone."