Yerevan Elections - 2023

"Transport has already significantly improved compared to 6 months ago." Tigran Avinyan to the residents of Nor Nork

During the campaign in Nor Nork, Tigran Avinyan, candidate for Yerevan's mayor, said he had visited there in March, "I see significant changes in many, many places. New football fields and yards were renovated in some places. Transport still does not completely solve the problem for you, but there is already a significant improvement compared to 6 months ago—all these works we have carried out in the last year were based on the problems you set. You said we did it according to your priorities," Avinyan said.

He reminded me that based on what the citizens said, 24 kindergartens are being overhauled, 15 gardens are being restored and built this year alone, and more than 215 yards have been improved.

Avinyan also said that they never tried to find excuses, "We consider ourselves responsible for the fact that there is no one responsible. Be it a yard, an elevator, a sewer, and so on."