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"According to some, they made the revolution." Tigran Avinyan

"In the past, there was a period when the municipality could not spend its own budget, it had 60% performance," Tigran Avinyan, the candidate for the mayor of Yerevan, said in a conversation with journalists.

According to him, the reason was the lack of management skills.

According to Avinyan. "According to some, they made the revolution themselves. Be theirs. What they have done, let them live. They did it themselves, let it be left to them. Let that be theirs too."

Tigran Avinyan also noted, "I'm not an easy person myself, I don't always get along with my colleagues. There are issues that we argue for a very long time, we argue very sharply in many cases. But I assure you, it never happens that the work suffers from it, that the people of Yerevan suffer as a result of these disputes. No, on the contrary. The important task of every person is to implement the plans in line with his work and his goals. Yes, we must have conflicts in many cases. But the most important thing. all these chains - condominium, administrative district, ministries, government - to work for a common goal. Yes, you can fight with everyone, spit, slam the door, go out and throw all the plans down the drain and be done with it. Then to say: this was the fault, he was the fault, this was not good, this was black, this was white, but it was still black. You can say it all the time, but nothing changes. Only the business suffers."

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