EU elections; results by country

According to preliminary data, 51% of the population participated in the European Parliament elections. The European People's Party is winning in most EU countries.

Jordan Bardella, the president of Marine Le Pen's "National Union" party, is leading in the European Parliament elections in France.

The Christian Democratic Union (30.3%) wins the European Parliament elections in Germany. The extreme right party "Alternative for Germany" is in second place with 15.9%. The party of incumbent Chancellor Olaf Scholz has collected 14%, the Greens in the government - 11.9%. As reported by ADR, the "greens" showed the worst dynamics.

In Austria, the "Austrian Freedom" party wins, the "people's" party of Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehamer is in second place, and the social democrats are in third place.

In Hungary, the ruling alliance, Fidesz-Christian-Democratic People's Party, is ahead.

The right-wing opposition People's Party is winning in Spain. It can get 22 seats in the European Parliament, and the Labor Socialist Party of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez - 20 seats.

In Italy, Prime Minister Giorgi Meloni's "Brothers of Italy" party can get 26-30% of the votes. Government members Forza Italia and League get 8.5-10.5%, 8-10% respectively. The opposition Democratic Party and the "5 Star Movement" can get 21-25% and 10-14% of the votes, respectively.

In Slovakia, the pro-Western opposition "Progressive Slovakia" wins and can get about 28% of the votes. Prime Minister Robert Fico's Smer-SD party will get about 25%.

In Slovenia, the opposition Democratic Party of Slovenia of former Prime Minister Janeš Janša wins. It can get four mandates, the ruling Freedom Movement - two.

The leading coalition in Bulgaria is the Citizens for the European Development of Bulgaria party and the Union of Democratic Forces (part of the government).

In Cyprus, the ruling center-right party, the Democratic Assembly, is winning.

In Greece, the ruling "New Democracy" party wins, but Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is not satisfied with the result below 30%.

In Poland, the ruling Civic Coalition (38.2%) is winning with less than 40% participation, the opposition "Law and Justice" party is in second place (33.9%).

In the Czech Republic, the centrist opposition movement "Action of Disgruntled Citizens" wins (26.1%). The second place was taken by the ruling liberal parties "Miasin" coalition (22.2%), the third place was the "Oath and Drivers" coalition created a few months ago (10.2%).

In Finland, the ruling National Coalition party wins (24.8%), the Left Union is in second place (17.3%).

In Croatia, with low participation, the ruling Croatian Democratic Union is leading.