Radar Interview

"One month ago, our country passed by the threshold of death." Tigran Khzmalyan (VIDEO)

The guest on Radar Armenia's "Radar Chat" program is Tigran Khzmalyan, the President of the European Party of Armenia.

He spoke about the death of the Iranian president and his accompanying staff as a result of the helicopter crash, political changes, the meeting between Aliyev and Rais, as well as the internal political developments in Armenia.

According to Tigran Khzmalyan, Raisi's tragic death will not disturb Iran's internal political stability.

When asked whether the geopolitical centers will take advantage of this situation, Khmalyan recalled the 7-hour conflict between Iran and Israel a month ago and noted: "A month ago, our country was on the brink of death, but the United States saved us."

Speaking about the situation in Armenia's internal political life, the party chairman said this is not a fight against border delimitation but a fight to draw a new border between democracy and dictatorship. "We will resist this movement represented by the three presidents of RA. Russia is trying to launch a counterattack. This is a Proputinian movement. Months ago, the sinister Gabrelyanov spoke about Bagrat Srbazan. Our church has not left the logic of "October 27." If the Catholicos loses this bet, church-state relations will come to a dead end. Their victory will be the end of Armenian statehood."

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