Radar Interview

"It was the most dangerous thing done under Serzh Sargsyan." Daniel Ioannisyan (VIDEO)

The guest of Radar Armenia's "Radar Conversation" program is Daniel Ioannisyan, coordinator of programs for the Association of Informed Citizens.

He referred to the Pashinyan-Blinken-Layen meeting held on April 5, summarized it, and discussed the Azerbaijani side's provocations, the border demarcation process, Serzh Sargsyan's statements in this context, and the government's approaches.

According to Daniel Ioannisyan, the Armenian side had more expectations from the meeting in Brussels, and according to him, the border tension is related to the Russian Federation. "At the request of Russia, Azerbaijan provides this irregular fire on the border."

According to his observation, Azerbaijan needs maximum uncertainty regarding border demarcation. "It's a pure Azerbaijani line, as Serzh Sargsyan says; it's different with different maps. Based on that map, our map was sent to the United Nations during the reign of Serzh Sargsyan. If Serzh Sargsyan doesn't know that those territories are Azerbaijani, it's worse for him, and shame on us that someone who doesn't know such basic things was the leader of Armenia for 10 years. The government is trying to agree with Azerbaijan that that area should be the same as in Shurnukh. The government does not want to give those 4 villages, but to have at least a demarcated section for the 4 villages."

Ioannisyan reminds us that Tigranashen was marked as an enclave on the map sent to the UN at the beginning of Serzh Sargsyan's tenure. "Serzh Sargsyan and Edward Nalbandian must answer some questions. It was the most dangerous thing that was done during the reign of Serzh Sargsyan. Even during Kocharyan's reign, this was not done."

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