Radar Interview

"It is a game drawn by Putin. The project was drawn up in Russia." Mikael Hayrapetyan (VIDEO)

The guest of Radar Armenia's "Radar Conversation" program is public figure Mikael Hayrapetyan.

He referred to the statements of Samvel Shahramanyan, the ban on broadcasting the author's programs "Evening with Vladimir Solovyov" and "Sunday evening with Vladimir Solovyov" on the public multiplex "RTR-PLANET" TV channel in the territory of Armenia, and spoke about the Armenia-US-EU meeting scheduled for April 5 about the meeting of the representatives as well as the return of the four territories under the control of Armenia.

According to Mikael Hayrapetyan, it should not be allowed to play with the names of 100,000 relatives. "These are the gravediggers of 100,000 ranchers of Artsakh. The 5th column is a handful of rascals who robbed the poor people of Artsakh. They want to put a mine under Armenia. The authorities should try to clear the mine. What did Chekist Shahramanyan do for Armenia? What did those 2 do that are now in Baku prisons?

Regarding the termination of Solovyov's broadcasts, Hayrapetyan says that Solovyov's base should be removed from Armenia. "When an Armenian listens to Solovyov, he understands where his trench should be."

Speaking about the EU-USA-Armenia meeting on April 5, the public figure noted: It is a game drawn by Putin, and the project was drawn in Russia. "Armenia is an open field for foreign special services. One day, we will be Zeus and be able to defeat Kronos in time. We are all in the same boat. One hundred years ago, they didn't consider whether they were Dhanyak, Hunak, or Armenian; they all were driven to Der-Zor. It is better to die with dignity than to live under torture. The special services pilgrimage is here because they don't know how we will present ourselves."

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