Radar Interview

"NATO member Turkey will not create problems in this case." Edgar Vardanyan (VIDEO)

Political scientist Edgar Vardanyan is the guest of Radar Armenia's "Radar Conversation" program.

He referred to the Pashinyan-Blinken-Layen meeting scheduled for April 5, the prospect of becoming a member of the EU, Armenian-Russian relations, and ways to overcome risks.

According to Edgar Vardanyan, in EU membership scenarios, Turkey's status as a NATO member country can be used to ensure Armenia's security, "NATO member Turkey will not create problems in this case because it will create a problem for the West."

Speaking about Armenian-Russian relations and anti-Russian sentiments in Armenia, the political scientist emphasizes that relations with the Russian Federation should not be artificially aggravated; they should be announced daily. On the contrary, actions should be implemented. "Armenia does not have a strategic ally today. If Armenia wants to gain military-political allies on behalf of the West, there is no other option: to leave the CSTO and review relations with Russia. Of course, Armenia should conduct a balanced policy, but is it possible? We say that we have frozen but have not yet left the CSTO. It is necessary to speed up. If we continue to stay in Russian territory, it will be a serious obstacle to deepening relations with the West."

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