The three Artsakh citizens arrested by the Azerbaijanis spoke with their family members. "Hraparak"

"Hraparak" newspaper writes: "Yesterday, information was received that the ombudsman of Azerbaijan met with three young people from Artsakh from Hakari Bridge: Alen Sargsyan, Vahe Hovsepyan, and Levon Grigoryan spoke with their family members on the phone. Azerbaijan gave them a 10-day detention on false charges, after which, according to the Azerbaijani prosecutor's office, the young Armenians will be "deported from Azerbaijan."

Yesterday, the Azerbaijani trucks, loaded with food, crossed the Aghdam road and entered the territory of Artsakh with the permission of the Russian peacekeepers. However, the people of Artsakh rushed to the Askeran-Akna section to face those loads. Apart from the fact that they consider accepting these cargoes as one step towards integration with Azerbaijan, they are also afraid that this food will not be fit for consumption. Everything is expected from the Azerbaijanis.