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Artur Vanetsyan's brother bought a new factory in Russia. "Hraparak"


22 September, 8:45

"Hraparak" newspaper writes: "Yesterday, the Russian press wrote about another multi-million deal. This time it was about the Bunge agro-industrial company, which owns the well-known Oleyna brand; this oil is known even in Georgia and sold in any store.

Recently, there have been many such transactions. Western companies are leaving the Russian market due to sanctions, and Russian companies are buying their assets with the support of the Russian authorities. This transaction would not be enjoyable if the message did not contain the new buyer's name. It turns out that the Bunge oil processing business was sold to the Exoil Group, whose controlling shareholder is Karen Vanetsyan, the brother of Artur Vanetsyan, the chairman of the Hayrenik party.