"I am looking for people to come and prove that it is the territory of Armenia." Simonyan

NA Speaker Alen Simonyan stated that the question of handing over any village to anyone should be discussed in Armenia, "We are now looking for those who consider it to be the territory of Armenia. I urge those people to come and prove that it is the territory of Armenia," he said, referring to the return of territories bordering Tavush under Armenian control.

"The Republic of Armenia can show its territory meter by meter," he said. Simonyan reaffirmed: "No part of the Armenian territory is subject to bargaining."

Speaking about the possibility of war, Simonyan said, "I do not rule out that they will attack. And why not attack? They said it openly."

Simonyan also reminded me that the corridor has been discussed for two years, "Why didn't we concede it? Didn't we take any steps because it is obviously within our jurisdiction?"

He also noted that it is acceptable for the Armenian side to start demarcation and delimitation from Tavush.

"We want to get a border. In the places where Azerbaijan is ahead, the Azerbaijani troops should be withdrawn in a mirror manner, which should happen along the entire border. Where Armenia is ahead, Armenia must retreat."

When asked whether it would be a simultaneous process, Simonyan said that he did not know the details, "It should be within the framework of the same process."