We walked around with the children from Artsakh and enjoyed the beauty of Yerevan. Tigran Avinyan (PHOTOS)

This time, the passengers of the official city tour, "Yerevan City Tour," which tells about the history, architecture, and various cultural values of Yerevan, were children from Artsakh. Together with Mayor Tigran Avinyan, they toured the capital.

"With the children from Artsakh, we toured and enjoyed the beauty and architecture of Yerevan in red double-decker buses with an open roof, which has already become a tourist symbol of the city.

The project was implemented with Yerevan Municipality and the "Teenagers for Peace" program. Our little friends from Artsakh will always be at the center of our attention, and such initiatives will be continuous," Yerevan Mayor Tigran Avinyan wrote on his Facebook page.