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The first floating solar power plant in Armenia and the region is on Lake Yerevan (PHOTOS)


13 September, 14:24

An experimental floating solar photovoltaic plant with an installed capacity of 150 kW was built on Yerevan Lake, the only one in Armenia and the region.

According to "Armenpress," the "Floating Solar Plants Development Program in Armenia" was developed in cooperation with the Armenian Renewable Energy Energy Saving Fund and the French company NEPSEN, as a result of which the French government approved the 800,000 euro grant.

Chairman of the Council of Trustees of Renewable Energy of Armenia, Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Tigran Avinyan, is convinced that this plant is exceptional.

"Since 2018, we have started the development of solar energy with small steps, and I think these steps have increased more and more over time, and we have significantly moved ahead of our own developed strategy. "Hundreds of solar plants are already operating in Armenia, and we have an agreement with the Masdar company to build a 200-megawatt solar plant," Avinyan said.

The deputy mayor emphasized that Yerevan will entirely switch to green energy consumption.

The program started on February 25, 2021. A list of all lakes and artificial reservoirs in Armenia with their primary characteristic data has been developed. Then, three pools were to be selected from the given list, considering technical, environmental, and other issues. As a result of joint discussions with the Foundation and NEPSEN company, Azat Reservoir (Ararat region), Aparan Reservoir (Aragatsotn marz), and Yerevanian Reservoir (Yerevan) were selected.

A feasibility study of a demonstration solar plant was carried out for the selected reservoir as part of the project. Relying on these feasibility studies, Lake Yerevan was chosen as a suitable reservoir for the implementation of the project.

"This program that brings us all together is essential. This contributes to the energy transition in Armenia, the energy independence of Armenia. The program also marks the success of the Armenian-French cooperation. The program can be a prototype. I am sure we will have a united success, and this is the beginning," said Olivier Decoty, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of France to Armenia.

After choosing Yerevan Lake as a reservoir for the implementation of the project, the Foundation, together with "GINJ" LLC, carried out a social impact assessment (ESIA) of the station, according to which no significant environmental and social impact is expected during the construction and operation of the station.

Karen Asatryan, the Armenian Renewable Energy and Energy Saving Fund of the RA TAI's director, noted that, like any new project, this project could have improved, but many difficulties were encountered. Within the framework of the project, they carried out a study of the potential for the construction of stations in different regions of Armenia, as well as an environmental and social impact assessment.

"Yerevan Lake is very suitable for such a station. Floating solar plants are a new technology in the field of renewable energy. The station is truly floating. Unlike land stations, these do not occupy land area, but they are constantly cooled," Asatryan noted.

A tender was held for the construction of the station, the winner of which was "Optimum Energy" LLC.

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