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"A unified ticketing system will be implemented both in buses and in the metro," Tigran Avinyan on transport reforms


16 March, 12:30

Tigran Avinyan, Deputy Mayor of Yerevan, referred to the work being done to solve the transport problem of the capital city.

According to him, after decommissioning the Gazelles, more than the current number of buses is needed to solve Yerevan's entire transport problem: "The problem is solved when these new 237 buses enter the network. I should add that we also have Chinese buses, which are also being repaired and are entering the network. The problem is significantly alleviated but is still not a systemic solution. This year, we have a winner in implementing the unified ticketing system. a unified ticketing system will be implemented in both buses and the metro. The work of the bus and metro network will be coordinated and brought to a common logic. We will probably start having separate bus lines this year, giving an advantage to people who use the bus. Buses will not get stuck in traffic jams, and our goal is to encourage everyone to use public transport as much as possible to reduce the city's burden and the volume of traffic jams. We will install new bus stops and, most importantly, have a management system, which we cannot complete this year. It will give people something straightforward: people at bus stops and bus stops will know exactly what time the bus will be at the bus stop and be able to plan the route."


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