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"Ruben Vardanyan has no friends in Artsakh". Chairman of the National Assembly of Artsakh


16 January, 14:54

The interlocutor of "First News" is Artur Tovmasyan, the Speaker of the National Assembly of Artsakh.

- Mr. Tovmasyan, what is happening in Artsakh? First, there were rumors that Ruben Vardanyan was resigning, then Vardanyan announced that he was not leaving.

- Today is a typical working day. I have always said that Stepanakert cannot be seen from Yerevan.

- Is there an internal political crisis in Artsakh?

- I have my right way, and in my whole conscious life, I have melted ice, not created ice in human relations. And the right way is for Artsakh and the people of Artsakh; After my very innocent interview, people got mixed up, but there is nothing to get mixed up with, and in my opinion, it is impossible to hold new elections in Artsakh shortly, and if there is, who cares that Artur Tovmasyan will participate in those nationwide elections? On one occasion, one of our best doctors said that 30 percent of our population is mentally ill, and 70 percent is not examined; I am among the 70 percent. I am already disgusted because, if you want to know, on one occasion, I said that all those people who live in Artsakh are patriotic to me. When the president appointed Ruben Vardanyan as the state minister, I said that the number of patriotic people increased by one. And Ruben Vardanyan announced on his Facebook page that we have no right to serve the enemy's agenda in this situation. And this is the truth.

- Ruben Vardanyan-Arayik Harutyunyan conflict, is there a split?

- First, it would be correct to ask the president and the minister of state these questions, but I say the following: I am more of a person who melts ice than creates ice. Even if that ice exists, I am not its maker And if my interview brought it, then I say, do you feel the pain that the Speaker of the National Assembly can be nominated? But I need to see the elections shortly. And today, the main problem is not holding parliamentary and presidential elections in Artsakh but the joint work of the legislator and the executive to get our people out of this challenging situation. And pulling the blanket from the legislator to the executive is inadmissible, precisely what the enemy wants.

- You are from Araik Harutyunyan's political team. Is there any tension in your relationship now?

- I am an independent NA president. The President of Artsakh and the Minister of State do not interfere in the work of the National Assembly, and I do not interfere in personnel policy issues either. This is the truth.

- What caused this intrigue and tension?

- It is possible that the leaders of the five factions are more aware of the process than I am because when I felt something was happening, I said my word.

- Is there no demand for Ruben Vardanyan's resignation from the political forces today? Do you think he has something to do with Artsakh?

- Ruben Vardanyan continues his work after his appointment on November 4.

- How do you evaluate his work?

- What kind of work was being done in Artsakh during that blockade so that I can give an assessment? I know one thing Ruben Vardanyan has no friends here. What does the operational headquarters mainly deal with? Is it dealing with food, medicine, fuel, i.e., social issues? My impression is that he wants to distribute them all, honestly. Ruben Vardanyan is not my friend; he is one of the rich people who came to help us. By us, I mean not the government of Artsakh but the people. Now I wonder if he came to help us or to do the job alone; ask him.

- Is it an unhealthy dark place in Artsakh?

- Where is it unhealthy? Please let me know if you concluded from my conversation that it was harmful.

- Is there a division of political wings in Artsakh, for example, around Harutyunyan and Vardanyan? The press writes that all this is being done against Araik Harutyunyan, and there is pressure on him.

- In other words, Ruben Vardanyan is pressuring Araik Harutyunyan; how is he pressuring? If Ruben Vardanyan is carrying out work in Artsakh within the scope of his powers, does that mean he oppresses? If it is pressure, then the president of the country, who had so much influence, did not know? I know less than others; I have yet to be involved in the relationship between the two. Until the last moment, I knew they trusted each other regarding human relations and work, and I was happy about that. Now that their relationship is normal, how can the Speaker of the National Assembly not be pleased? If the relations between Arayik Harutyunyan and Ruben Vardanyan, Arthur Tovmasyan and Arayik Harutyunyan, or Arthur Tovmasyan and Ruben Vardanyan, are wrong, will Artsakh benefit from it? They are younger than me, and I think that only by establishing close contact between the executive and legislative bodies of Artsakh we can achieve success. In any case, I don't see any mistrust towards me by the President and the Minister of State of Artsakh. A person of my character who has traveled so far cannot make those relations worse. I will leave quietly if the President and Minister of State of Artsakh do not trust me personally. I did it back in 1997.

Siranush Papyan


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