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We will talk about a more innovative city. Tigran Avinyan referred to the need for systemic solutions (VIDEO)


23 September, 12:27

Tigran Avinyan, at the extraordinary session of the Yerevan Council of Elders, referred to the need to provide systemic solutions to the capital's problems.

Answering the question of Garnik Vardanyan, a member of the Council of Elders, Avinyan noted that the scope and pace of the works would surely increase starting from 2022. "Surely, all the steps we are taking now in the municipality and in the future are more systemic solutions, more long-term. We will talk about a smarter city; we will talk not only about garbage collection but also about recycling." According to him, beautiful programs were discussed and written, which, however, remained on the shelves.

According to Avinyan, we need not partial solutions but systemic solutions. "We have to focus on people, on their daily life, what they see when they wake up in the morning and leave their entrance. How many hours do they stand in a traffic jam because of a single "app"? Should the buses have separate lines or not?" said Tigran Avinyan, noting that we are talking about these kinds of problems, not just buy buses. In this context, he referred to the transition to a unified transport payment system.