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The efforts of the municipality have already mitigated many problems, but there is a lot of work to be done. Tigran Avinyan (VIDEO)


23 September, 11:32

In his speech, Tigran Avinyan touched upon the problems of the capital while noting: "I cannot help but refer to the efforts of the Yerevan Municipality since 2018, which have already alleviated many problems. However, there is still a lot of work because the city needs new solutions."

According to Avinyan, a person walking through Yerevan should be in harmony with the environment around him; Yerevan should be a city for people. "The city can become such by following a simple principle: the importance of public interest over individual interest. All problems should be solved with that formula. One's good; building a garage in the yard of his building cannot be more critical than children playing in a well-maintained playground. One's construction cannot be more important than the architectural appearance of our city. The solutions we offer should be based on serving the public and not individual interests. We should not do favors to friends, relatives, and acquaintances at the expense of the city.

Building a city for people means providing an environment where everyone has equal opportunities. Whether we live in Shengavit, Center, Nubarashen, or Massiv, we should have equal access to self-expression, education, and healthcare. The city should be entertaining for people, with the addition and decentralization of cultural activities, as well as green spaces and playgrounds."