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Tigran Avinyan emphasized constant contacts with citizens (VIDEO)


23 September, 11:44

Tigran Avinyan emphasized in his speech that every citizen should care for Yerevan.

According to him: "It is simply not possible to have our dream Yerevan without your help. Each of its residents should care for Yerevan, as in a big family, and instilling that culture is one of our primary goals. No matter how much our keepers of cleanliness clean up after us, cleanliness is a public responsibility of all of us; By doing what we can, we will create a completely different atmosphere in the city."

Avinyan emphasized that there are no minor problems in the city because tiny things harm a healthy environment, spoiling our morning and evening rest.

"To make all this a reality, I attach great importance to our constant contacts. Cabinet work often forces an official to detach from people's problems, focus on paperwork and consultations and, unfortunately, cut off from real life. This process does not always lead to precise solutions; moreover, in some cases, it aggravates the problems.

That's why I will ensure my constant contact with the people of Yerevan directly, through community visits and contacts, periodic receptions, and electronic platforms," ​​said Tigran Avinyan.