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I will focus on the functions of the deputy mayor. Tigran Avinyan


23 September, 12:51

Yerevan Deputy Mayor Tigran Avinyan did not comment on the 2023 election of the Yerevan Council of Elders in a briefing with journalists. Questions about elections. He said that he would focus on work and only work.

According to Tigran Avinyan. "At the moment, I will focus on the functions of the deputy mayor, and I have come to work in the directions in my coordination sphere. All other issues, I think, are generally outdated, and it is not essential to talk about them at this moment. Tigran Avinyan noted that he would coordinate the areas of building improvement, greening, the works of district administrations, the size of ​​the culture, and the programs that will be implemented with the government.

According to the Deputy Mayor of Yerevan, a lot of work has been done since 2018, and some problems have been mitigated. "But the same works that have been done, I would not consider them systemic solutions in any field, with all due respect to the work that has been done, be it garbage collection, collection, recycling, be it the issue of transport, which is not just buses, but a general one system, connected with the metro, analysis of the continuation of the metro and many, many other issues. And in general, the city needs new solutions, systemic solutions, technological solutions."