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We need to review our approach to revenue collection (VIDEO) deeply


23 September, 12:06

Tigran Avinyan mentioned two ways of solving the problems faced by Yerevan Municipality today.

Answering the question of Tigran Galstyan, a member of the Yerevan Council of Elders, how does he see the solution to the problems facing Yerevan Municipality, taking into account the modest budget of the municipality, Avinyan spoke about revenue collection.

According to him. "Although it will not be my area of ​​coordination, nevertheless, we must deeply review our approach to revenue collection and implement a different logic and reforms in that direction."

Referring to the work with the Government and other state bodies, Avinyan assured that in this regard, they have a new soldier in the municipality, who has worked with all these bodies for a long time. "I assure you that our work with the Government and bodies will improve in some respects."

Avinyan detailed which areas he will coordinate. "There are basically five of them. First of all, it is coordination and control of district governments. The second is the building improvement block, the third is greening, the fourth is culture, and, of course, taking into account my experience, also the work with the Government, the implemented large projects where, I think, my contribution will be positive."