Georgia's membership in the EU has been suspended. Herczynski

Pawel Herczynski, EU ambassador to Georgia, announced the EU's decision to freeze 30 million euros to support Georgia in defense. At the two-day international conference, the diplomat told journalists about this during the "EU enlargement" in Tbilisi—geopolitical necessity and further steps for EU candidate countries."

"And this is only the first step; there will be others. Our direct aid to the government of Georgia will be reduced, and we will seek to shift that direct aid to civil society and NGOs. This was announced after the meeting of foreign ministers in Luxembourg," said Herczynski.

"Georgia's membership in the European Union is currently suspended. On June 27, the leaders of the European Union said it very clearly. In October, a report on enlargement will be published for all candidate countries, and in December, the EU leaders will decide on the next steps. Still, in the current situation, I do not imagine that Georgia will move forward this year and will pass to the next stage because the leaders have decided to suspend the process of annexation of Georgia and will not accept the explanations of the Georgian government. They are waiting," said Pawel Herczynski.