In the UK, the 14-year reign of conservatives has ended. The winner is Labor Party

In the United Kingdom, the Labor Party, led by Sir Keir Starmer, won a majority of votes in the House of Commons as a result of snap parliamentary elections.

The Conservatives' 14-year reign in the United Kingdom has ended. Votes have not yet been counted in all constituencies, but Labor has already officially won 381, giving it a majority in the 650-seat chamber.

Keir Starmer and shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer Rachel Reeves, expected to be the second most important post in the next government, won their constituencies confidently.

Incumbent Premier Rishi Sunak also won re-election in his Richmond and Northallerton home constituency. Meanwhile, he admitted the Conservatives had lost and congratulated Starmer on his victory. "Today, the transfer of power will occur peacefully and orderly, with goodwill from all sides. This should give all of us confidence in the stability and future of our country. The people of Great Britain made a sobering verdict today: a lot needs to be learned ... and I take responsibility for the defeat," said Sunak.