Germany will never agree to the capitulation of Ukraine

In the Bundestag, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced that Germany would never agree to Ukraine's capitulation. Deputy Gesine Lötzsch  reminded that Scholz was presented as the "chancellor of peace during the election campaign." Still, now, Berlin is supplying weapons to Kyiv and has permitted it to attack Russian territory. Lötzsch asked whether Germany would thus avoid becoming a party to the conflict.

"Yes, I give such a guarantee. From my point of view, we should never support a ceasefire that would lead to the capitulation of Ukraine. This is not an abstract question. Putin's ridiculous offer of peace proves it. He stated that he is ready for a ceasefire if Ukraine recognizes the annexation of new regions and voluntarily renounces them. The goal of the Russian president is not to end his aggressive war but to continue the war. We will not tolerate it," answered Scholz.