The spokesman of the Azerbaijani MFA responded to the statement of the RA MFA

Press Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Aykhan Hajizadei commented on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia's statement on June 7.

"The statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia disputing the territorial ambitions of this country towards its neighbors is nothing more than an attempt to divert the attention of the international community from the challenges that are an obstacle to achieving peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia," it was said in the message.

According to Hajizadeh, "The real main problem is the ongoing territorial claims against Azerbaijan, which are supposedly enshrined in many legal and political documents of Armenia, especially the Constitution, which directly refers to the Act of Independence of Armenia, which calls for the unification of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh."

It is also noted that Azerbaijan has the legal right to request the exclusion of this requirement from the Constitution, which directly "affects Azerbaijan's national security, and it cannot be qualified as interference in Armenia's internal affairs."

"The logic of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, that this problem can be ignored, shows that Armenia is not interested in stable peace and only seeks to maintain this situation as an option to resume its aggression against Azerbaijan in the future. Moreover, Armenia's efforts to revive the Minsk Group, which is a remnant of the previous conflict, and the ongoing policy of militarization show the presence of Armenia's hidden agenda," the message says.

The spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan states that Armenia has no reason to doubt Azerbaijan's sincerity in the peace process and that the only way to ensure stability and peace in the region is to establish relations with neighboring countries based on the recognition of their sovereignty and territorial integrity and respect for them.