For the first time, Armenia voted in favor of the resolution concerning Georgia, while Russia voted against it

The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution for the 17th time in its 78th session recognizing the right of all refugees and internally displaced persons to return to Abkhazia and South Ossetia. This year, 103 countries supported the document. This is the most extensive support for Georgia since 2008 when the resolution was first introduced to the General Assembly.

Armenia supported this resolution for the first time; it did not participate in the voting or vote against it for several years. Azerbaijan and Ukraine also supported the resolution.

This time, nine countries voted against it: Russia, Syria, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, Burundi, Belarus, Cuba, North Korea, and Mali. 53 states abstained.

In 2023, 100 countries supported the resolution, nine were against it, and 59 abstained.

The official title of the resolution is "Situation of Internally Displaced Persons and Refugees from Abkhazia, Georgia, and Tskhinvali Region-South Ossetia, Georgia."

Earlier, Moscow, Tskhinvali, and Sukhum repeatedly called on Tbilisi to abandon promoting the "annual politicized resolution of the UN General Assembly."