Armenia improved its position among positive peace countries of the world by 16 places

Armenia is 54th among countries with a positive peace index (Positive Peace Report). The relevant report is published by the international analytical center "Institute of Economics and Peace" (IEP). On the list, the most significant positive peacebuilding improvements occurred in Uzbekistan, Armenia, Gambia, Taiwan, and Ireland.

Armenia, in particular, has improved its position by 16 points and is in 54th place, Georgia is 49th, and Azerbaijan is 104th.

Positive peace describes the relationships, institutions, and structures that create and support a peaceful society. Conceptually, it is related to many aspects of social development and can be used in different contexts. Besides being a transformative concept, it is also a social good. Positive peace is a transformative concept because it provides new ways of understanding how societies function and develop communities.