German companies participate in the rehabilitation of Mariupol

German companies participated in the reconstruction of Mariupol, which was captured and destroyed by Russian troops during Russia's war against Ukraine. These are the journalists' conclusions of the "Monitor" program of the German "ARD" social-legal TV channel.

In particular, they noticed that cement produced by "Knauf" is used in many construction sites in Mariupol. According to "ARD" data, "Knauf" has 4,000 employees in Russia and makes billions of turnover on the Russian market. In response to the editorial inquiry, the company stated that it condemns Russia's aggressive war against Ukraine and follows all EU sanctions against Russia. "Knauf" products manufactured in Russia are designed "exclusively for the Russian market." They added it to the press service.

In addition, in the photos and videos of construction work in Mariupol, ARD journalists noticed concrete blocks with green packaging film inscribed with the name of the German company WKB Systems from the Münsterland region of North Rhine-Westphalia.