The US special commissioner on Iran visited Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan

Abram Paley, the US special commissioner on Iran, visited Armenia, Georgia, and the Azerbaijani regions.

"In Yerevan, I had meaningful meetings with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, Mnatsakan Safaryan, representatives of the National Security Council, the Central Bank, and the State Revenue Committee on the issues of Iran, border security, the application of sanctions, and the diversification of Armenia's economic and foreign policy," said Abram Paley "X." in the post made on the page of

In another post, the special commissioner on the issue of Iran informed that the trip to the South Caucasus took place in a constructive atmosphere.

"I met with senior officials and the private sector to discuss the Iranian regime, the imposition of sanctions, and continued efforts to address the regime's destabilizing behavior. The US aims to work with our partners to develop a positive vision for the region," the post reads.

It is noteworthy that Paley met in Azerbaijan with Hikmet Hajiyev, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sharifov, Azerbaijan's ambassador to Iran, Ali Alizadeh, and Israel's ambassador to Azerbaijan.

It should be noted that Abram Paley met with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Central Bank, and representatives of the private sector in Georgia.