"The USA and the EU will not discuss security issues with Armenia." Stano

EU Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Spokesperson Peter Stano denied Baku's claims regarding the trilateral EU-US-Armenia meeting. Answering the inquiries of the Azerbaijani media, he called the information about the nature of the meeting to be held in Geneva on April 5 "incorrect."

"It is not true that the session will be devoted to security guarantees. It will not touch on other issues except the bilateral relations between the EU, the USA, and Armenia. The main focus will be on the stability of Armenia's economy and bilateral cooperation with that country," Stano noted. "The EU and the US are committed to supporting a stable, peaceful, secure, and prosperous future for Armenia and the region.

This will provide an opportunity to discuss deepening cooperation with Armenia to strengthen its economy on the basis of the EU-Armenia bilateral partnership," added Stano. Azerbaijani media reported about it.