The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan blamed the USA and the EU for helping Armenia

The Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan's spokesman, Ayhan Hajizade, referred to the US-EU-Armenia tripartite meeting to be held in April and made several accusatory statements.

Hajizade noted that Washington and Brussels' openly pro-Armenian position, against the background of revanchist sentiments in Armenia, can create a dangerous illusion in Armenia that the EU and the USA will support it in the next possible provocations against Azerbaijan. In that case, the EU and the US will share responsibility for any destabilizing actions of Armenia.

"At a time when a unique opportunity is being created based on the fundamental norms and principles of international law to achieve lasting peace, stability, and security, we once again call on all parties to refrain from actions that could negatively impact peace efforts and provoke new waves of tension and instability in the region," he noted.