"Armenia's cooperation with partners in the defense field is not directed against any country." Pashinyan

RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan interviewed one of the Greek periodicals addressing regional security, peace, Armenian-Azerbaijani negotiations, and the "Crossroads of Peace" project.

"Armenia's defense cooperation with its partners is not directed against any country. The development of Armenia's defense capabilities is aimed at protecting Armenia's independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and preserving its borders," Pashinyan said.

Regarding Turkey's role in regional issues and the Armenian-Turkish settlement negotiations, Pashinyan added, "Turkey is a regional player, and it is natural to expect that it should adopt a balanced position regarding the various events taking place in the region. No less attention is paid to Turkey's official rhetoric, which can contribute to and endanger the processes. On the other hand, Armenia expects that Turkey's rhetoric will not be aimed at intensifying regional tensions but will promote dialogue and cooperation."