The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan blamed the EU observation mission

The head of the EU delegation in Azerbaijan, Ambassador Pyotr Mikhalko, was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to the Azerbaijani officials, during the meeting, it was again mentioned that the activity of the EU observation mission in Armenia contradicts the initial agreements and causes serious concerns.

"This activity of "telescopic diplomacy" is observed at a time when there is an unprecedented calm on the border and both Azerbaijan and Armenia are taking serious steps to strengthen trust. The stated mission was widely used as propaganda against Azerbaijan, contrary to the stated goals of promoting regional stability and enhancing trust between Azerbaijan and Armenia," the statement said.

"The EU has been seriously called upon to take all necessary measures to implement a neutral, civilian, and unarmed mission by the mandate of the mission stationed in the territory of Armenia and to refrain from any activities against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan or in any way influence the country's security interests," the statement said.