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Hamas proposes a 135-day ceasefire in Gaza with complete withdrawal of Israel


7 February, 17:01

Hamas proposed a ceasefire plan that would allow the situation in Gaza to de-escalate for four and a half months. During that time, all hostages will be released, Israel will withdraw troops from the Gaza Strip, and an agreement will be reached to end the war.

There has been no response from Israel, which has already indicated that it will not withdraw its troops from Gaza until Hamas is destroyed. Hamas's counter-offer calls for three phases of the ceasefire, each lasting 45 days. The militants will exchange the remaining Israeli hostages captured on October 7 with Palestinian prisoners. The restoration of Gaza will begin, the Israeli troops will be withdrawn entirely, and the bodies and relics of the victims will be exchanged.

Ezzat el-Reshiq, a member of the Hamas political bureau, confirmed that the offer was passed to Israel and the US via Qatar and Egypt.

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