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"We must support Armenia in confronting the threats." Menendez


14 November, 14:01

US Senator Bob Menendez spoke on the podium of the US Senate, speaking against the humanitarian crisis caused by the depopulation of NK. He called on Congress to stop supporting the Azerbaijani government, which carried out the forced ethnic deportation of NK Armenians.

Menendez, in particular, stated: "We cannot lose sight of the task before us, which is to stop Azerbaijani aggression and address the Azerbaijani threat, before it realizes its advantage and seizes more territory from Armenia. President Aliyev has openly stated that he would like to "unite" his country with the Nakhichevan exclave, cutting off the territory of sovereign Armenia. The potential disaster this could lead to cannot be underestimated. Our priority should be to address the threats that Armenia continues to face."

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